About Us

Amag Figure Athletic Wear was created and founded to inspire and empower woman and we just happen to design athletic wear!

Amag Figure Athletic Wear designs & creates every piece with every Woman and every Body in mind. We believe that every Woman is to look and feel confident & powerful in every outfit she decides to wear while she is working on her dream figure, creating her own destiny, and conquering the world! 

Amag Figure Athletic Wear is owned and operated by powerful women who are dedicated to empower and inspire other women to be confident in themselves and in their bodies while creating the figure of their dreams. Our goal is to contribute to your greatness by offering you specially designed collections that will induce your confidence to conquer your fitness goals and the world; To assure you that your inner beauty and strength is what will take you places unimaginable.  

Amag Figure Athletic Wear is an empire of Woman who are leaders of the world and empower other Woman to stand strong and follow their most desired ambitions in life while being confident and powerful together. Whether you are a businesswoman, professional, student, raising the next generation at home, and everything in between we have something special for you to wear and feel empowered in your own body because we all come together as one beautiful and powerful community of women creating history together. 

Amag Figure's goal is to offer you collections of that are perfect for an active day, that can also be ideal for a day in the city, and even a night out! You can also dress them up for a more professional look because we want to be part of every special & important moment in your life. We want to offer you appeal that will help your confidence shine inside out. Also, our goal is to induce and encourage woman to feel confident and powerful in every undertaking and to take control their destiny while being in love and enjoying every second in their miraculous body. 

Tag us in your fabulous Amag Figure Athletic Wear outfits while you conquer the world!